Traditional Turkish Bath

The aim of the scrub foam massage is to open the pores all over the body, remove the dead skin at the top of the skin layer and regain its former healthy state.

The most frequently used scrub foam massage technique in the hammam, which is an old Turkish tradition, is an effective method for refreshing your skin and getting a healthy appearance by removing all dead cells.

In scrub foam massage, the skin is first scrubbed in such a way that all this dead skin is purified. With the help of a natural organic scrub, the top layer is cleaned with foam without damaging the skin and the skin is allowed to breathe again. On the other hand, during this massage, the skin is massaged to increase blood flow and revitalise the skin. It is known that the scrub foam massage applied at certain intervals provides a lot of benefits for the radiance and healthy appearance of your skin. By scrubbing the whole body, purifying the lifeless, unhealthy layer from the skin surface, your skin will breathe and the skin will be able to be fed with oxygen from the outside.